Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Optimal Health!

What is it? How do we get it?  It is different for every person. Optimal health for an 80 something is different than that of a teenager. Different still for a normal healthy teenager and an athlete.  It really means that your body is communicating with your brain and vice versa in the best way it can.  That the process is not inhibited by bad food, lack of sleep or bio-mechanical problems.

How do we get it? Simple but not easy. The correct diet. (Mediterranean Diet) At least 6 hours of real sleep per night. And, make sure that the frame for you nervous system is free of bio-mechanical problems, i.e. go to a chiropractor and get your spine checked. It will probably reduce your pain, but more importantly it will allow you nervous system to function at its highest level. This means greater health for you.
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